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Gytha's Blog
Oh My Now What Have I Done?
Had a bad night last night - at least partially self inflicted by eating too much (raspberries and cream - yum) so spent this morning sleeping watched over by Emma, who at last feels that there is a good reason for me needing to be looked after :-)

Now feeling much better again, enjoying the sun streaming through the house, the plants I can see from the back door are coming on nicely, there should be some more colour in the garden soon.

Wheelchair people will be arriving soon to fit big wheels to the rear of the wheelchair so I will be able to wheel myself at least a bit, quite looking forward to that. I find it quite difficult being this dependent on other people and somehow just being able to push myself a bit rather than be pushed all the time is better.

Finished the spiffy handkerchiefs and psted them off to Purple Mermaid, with a gift yesterday, also finished re-reading Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey, it has taken a long time but I did enjoy it and picked up on qhuite a lot of stuff which I missed on my initial speed read of the book last year, I will be re-reading the rest of the trilogy but I am going back to lighter stuff for the next week or so. Also finished the first of Emma's fingerless mittens and am up to the thumb gusset on the second. Who else wants mittens? I know I want to do a pair for merlyn_gabriel just because and I am fairly certain KateAW needs a pair of cotton ones for protecting hands a bit whilst pushing buggy that won't be too hot. They are easy to do and gives me another chance at multitasking and keeping my hands moving.
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I'm still feeling good. As well as enjoying food I am starting to be able to multi-task a little, that means I have finished knitting the pair of socks which I started back when I first went into hospital in February and have started the mittens from the left over yarn which will go to Emma as part of my thanks for looking after me. I have also finished one spiffy handkerchief fit for a queen, only cross stitch but still spiffy, and am more than half way through another so please leave room in your packing for 2 hankies for Thora from me Purple Mermaid, they should be posted by the end of this week.

Nik made it over for a visit yesterday it was really goood to see her and we were able to commiserate with each others problems dealing with other people's reactions., but also just sit and chat whilst our gardner planted all my bedding plants, the garden should be looking really pretty in a week or two.

Glad to say that the Stylee works as well Nik's hair as it does on mine - so lots of silly slinky colours will be featuring in gifts again. Link to the ebay shop below for those who are interested in getting long hair out of the way with a minimum of fuss but still looking stylish (No affiliation, just a satisfied customer - I own about 12 of them).

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Finally after a whole week of horrid stomach problems which complicated all the meds I have to take it appears that I am getting back to a slightly more normal diet. Very irritating that I should be feeling good when Richard is in Vietnam, just keep my fingers crossed that it lasts until he comes back.

Today I have read, embroidered, knitted, ate smoked salmon and cream cheese, watched the Grand Prix and felt generally cheerful it is soooo good to feel more like my usual self.

Had a really good visit with Anne Wilson, we spent a lot of time talking about food - guess that was my appetite coming back - and last night cooperated in cooking Supreme of Guinea Fowl in an Onion Sauce, recipe taken from Pleyn Delit designed for Chicken or Duck but adjusted a bit for ingredients not imediately available in the house. I only had a morsel but it was very good and I plan to cook it again for Richard when he comes home.
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Chemo cancelled 'cos of the being sick, did have transfusion for the aenemia. Increased my steroids again so today am managing to keep food down and am generally feeling more myself.

Had a nice visit from Andrea and Emma, it has been good to see Andrea (Antoniawench) as much as we have whilst she was visiting, although I am still jealous of missing the visits to the Wemyss School of Needlework (I was invited but was feeling crap) but that means I can look forward to going with Melusine and Kate a little later in the year now that we know what hours they open.

Received a couple of parcels from Amazon, much delayed but also much appreciated birthday pressies from Tim & Michelle, which have been on my wish list for a very long time, and are light enough for me to read.

Had a bit of a go through the workroom this morning (only a bit) and picked out some easy project stuff to bring downstairs, including the spiffy handkerchiefs which I meant to do for Thora - I might try and get one done for Coronation, the other can wait until a different reign.

Richard is off to Vietnam on Saturday for 2 weeks and Emma will be looking after me, have ordered various treats in the hope of eating something more interesting than just yoghurt. Also have Anne Wilson visiting Saturday / Sunday - what a busy social life I am having:-)
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Having a bad few days, not been able to keep anything solid down since Sunday lunch time - yeuch. Chemo tomorrow including a blood transfusion so hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better on Thursday. Feet treat tonight, looking forward to that. More later when I'm feeling better.
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I believe the pot luck yesterday was a great success - I managed to stay awake until 16.00 - which meant I missed Elizabeth unfortunately but did get to see everyone else for quite a while and managed to eat something other than yoghurt. We did raise a toast to Kevin and Mary down in Cheltenham on their moving weekend and I'm sending as much as I can in the way of good thoughts to them, esecially about leaving their gremlins behind. Richard had a violent reaction to something he eat yesterday, sorry Andrea, my suspicion is the cheese in the nachos which we all enjoyed so much, but is now recovering. I did some sewing, that is the inspiration of having Ormsweird here for a few days. Managed to finish the embroidery for the Historic Stitches Thread Keeper which I started when we were on holiday in Cornwall last year and have also luceted the cord to close it. I don't think I'm up to doing any sort of good job of finishing it at the moment so it is going to one side until either my attention to detail is better or I can talk someone more competent into making it beautiful for me:)
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Had a bad night and morning but am feeling much better now. Watched the beginning of Serenity this evening before Richard's work interrupted - don't spoiler me will try to watch the rest probably on Monday when I can make him ignore the work phone as it is a bank holiday. Listened to a 2 hour Procul Harum concert on the Performance Channel this afternoon, it is really quite sad that most people only know Whiter Shade of Pale as their range is so much wider and well worth listenenint too. ISTR WSOP was one of the earlier singles I bought as a teenager.

Finished "Engaging the Enenmy", 3rd in Vatta's War series by Elizabeth Moon. Found the beginning a little difficult which I am almost certain is because of my concentration problems, couldn't remember exactly where the story had left off and it was bothering me unnecesarily. Once I got over that I enjoyed it, Elizabeth Moon writes good military stuff and good personal relationships (not quite so obvious in this series as in some of her other books) and is light enough for me to enjoy. Taking a week rather than a day to read a book may be good for my purse but it does seem rather strange.

Have also given myself a manicure this evening, I can't remember the last time I coloured my nails - this is part of the make an effort strategy - too easy to just hang in t shirts and trousers, try and dress nicely, wear some perfume or jewellry. Also got the hospital bag a bit more ready;- whilst at Eastercon I bought a canvas tote bag with a dragon and books print captioned Dragon's Treasures and now inside it is a very comprehensive wash bag, new light weight cropped trousers and camisole pyjamas and short dressing gown, will be adding limited keep Gytha amused stuff over the next couple of days and then it can just ive on the spare bedroom door hook until we need to grab it. I don't want to have to do like last time and hassle Richard for 3 days before I got moisteriser:0)
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Unfortunately Melusine wont be able to make it this weekend, we'll try and do something when she comes up in July. Haven't heard from Ormsweird yet.

Had chemo today and have spent most of the day sleeping, some of the time with a Magnus purring on my chest - all looking good so far.
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Had a week on the new meds since returning from Eastercon and am now eating a little better, which is a good thing. Saturday and Sunday weren't too good but feeling better now. Going for x rays and oncologist today with a view to more chemo tomorrow depending on how I'm doing.

Have read the first of the books I bought at Eastercon, "Crossroads and other stories of Valdemar" edited by Mercedes Lackey. Short stories. A bit spotty, the quality was less even than I would have liked. Whilst there were some very good stories there were two which did not fit at all for me within the world view so I was a disappointed. Am taking the new Elizabeth Moon with me to read in waiting rooms this morning and hope for better things.
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Bad Gytha for not posting.

It was great to see people at Eastercon and much appreciation to Electrical Eggs for the loan of the wheelchair which made it possible. Said wheelchair was also according to those who were kind enough to push me around (you don't get thet chance very often;-)) very manouverable and not hard work, although I expect the amount of weight I have lost also helped.

it did seem slightly strange to be treated completely differently by various people who I have been aquainted with for a long time, but I expect I must also get used to the fact that people don't know what to do or say to me in the circumstances. I didn't see much of the con, the dealers room, the art show and the Masquerade, otherwise I was sitting in the fan bar with various people. Was delighted for Andrew (quidane) who won best in show at the Masquerade for "Weapons of War" - variation on a Star Wars Imperial Storm Trooper wearing a kilt and playing bag pipes. And was in hysterics at SMS's best presentation which was a Jabberwocky with a lot of difference:)

Was exhausted when we got home on Monday, not helped by having run out of the serious pain killers so Richard had to do some running around to get replacements. Tuesday went to Oncologist and admitted I wasn't doing too well so they have put of the next set of chemo for the moment and have given me steroids in the hope of increasing my appetite and energy levels. Must admit I was somewhat relieved at no chemo this week as I was dreading it after all the side effects from lat time. Hair loss is now slowing down and looks fine but I have less than half the volume of hair I had this time a fortnight ago.

Square Bear (cuboid ursunoid) arrived Tuesday and has been a restful guest, getting me cold rdinks, collecting my prescriptions while Richard had to be out at work and not complaining when I inflicted Extreme Makeover - Home Edition on him :) Andrea arrived for the first of her visits yesterday afternoon and it was great to see her again, and to introduce her to Bear who was one of the original Brighthelm members.
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