gythanorth (gythanorth) wrote,

Weather broke last night so I am back to the joys of a wet Magnus headbutting me in the middle of the night and going out just so he gets wet enough to require drying when he comes in during the day - I think I'll take a Magnus towel to bed with me tonight:)

Have got the first of Kate's cotton mitts knitted and am nearly finished the rib on the other one. Have pulled out the rabbit scissorkeep set which I started well before I got ill and am doing a tiny bit of that every day (over one on 40 count is only for good daylight working) and am also sewing a small sweetbag which I haven't decided what to do with when finished yet, but it is cross stitch, blackwork and satin stitch and will look late period when compleyed and is on 28 count so no eye strain.

Really missing Richard now - not long til Saturday though. Oncologist tomorrow for result of scan and probably chemo on Wednesday. Mostly eating OK - couple of glitches but at least the diet has expanded well past just yoghurt and lemonade.
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